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The way to success Success is something everyone looks for, longs for and dies for. But have you ever considered what success is? Some may hold that success means one has beautiful life, like pretty house, cool cars and great p...

the way to success意思是成功之路 the way to succeed是错误的表达,这里的to是介词,后面可以跟名词动名词,但不可跟动词,succeed是动词

呵呵 是the waytosuccess吧How can one be successful in his life.A: Hi, Jack what's upB: Oh hi, Seth, nothing much. It's just i've been thinking about how can one be successful in his life.A: what about it.B: Do you think Jobbs i...

As a famous saying goes,there's no such thing as a free lunch.There's no one but longs to succeed,but it's not easy to get success . Iniatially,you should have an active attitude.Even we can say,everything depends on attitude.I...

success in 在…方面成功 great success 巨大成功;非常成功 with success 成功地 success rate 成功率;接通率 without success 没有成功 secret of success n. 成功的秘诀 achieve success 取得成功;获得成功 success and failure 成功与失败 ...

success是名词,成功,而the best way to do表示以最好的方式做某事,在词句中,to表示to sth,而succeed在此句中不符合题意

road路,公路,马路的意思,35York Rd,London SW 16 伦敦西南16区约克路35号 常用语市内马路的名车 way 常用于复合词,railway highway 还有表示路途不表具体的路例如:onthewaytoschoolonthewaytosuccess通往成功的路上

by the way 顺便说一下 in the way 挡道 on the way 在路上

The way to success Everyone tries to achieve success in his/her career. But some finally attain their aims while others fail. Why? Some continue their cause to the end through long period of hard struggles, but others are eas...


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