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"I did not say we've internally appointed (Chee-hwa Tung). You want to ask me if I support Mr. Tung, I said I support him." "Re-election will still have to follow the (Hong Kong) Basic Law! Of course, our decision is very impor...

i'm angry,你这样是不行的。我今天得罪了你一下

太年轻太简单,时而天真。 naive 英[naɪˈi:v] 美[nɑˈiv] adj. 天真的; 幼稚的; 单纯的; [例句] Einstein was condemned as naive but his comment might still be true. 有人指责爱因斯坦天真,但他的想法可能仍然是对的。 But b...

求翻译:Too young,Too simple,Too naive;是什么意思? too young too simple 是贬义吗?什么意思 解释:本义的话略显贬义,但是在很多情况下实际说话中更像是一种调侃,搞笑之类的,不算完全是骂人(但是稍微有那么点年长的或者经验多的小小讽...

你好! Every sensible calm now, there is a too simple, sometimes naive in the past, each a warm and cool now, once there is a sad and upset. 过每一个理智的冷静现在,太简单,有时天真的过去,每一次冷暖,有悲伤和沮丧。


太年轻,太简单,太天真。 希望可以帮到你,望采纳。谢谢

Just for it we are too fragile.☆ 时光并不...Sometimes I just need to hear you sayEverything...When we learn to treasure simple happiness, we ...

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